• Taj Cen

Who are we?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

We are here to challenge and reshape the outdated perception and treatment of collegiate athletes and embed new values and principles toward the overall well-beings of all college athletes.

There is a genuine concern for all college athletes when their name, image, and likeness rights are entitled back to them for monetary gains.

“Our platform and technology are set up to protect these young athletes and give them a secure environment away from the treacherous and malicious sharks who are ready to pounce and take advantage of these athletes.”

The Name, Image, and Likeness Market

We have the opportunity to make a direct and positive impact at the onset of the new market craze in 2023. We see ourselves as the first line of defense against fraudulent sports agents and other scamming and overly-aggressive brand marketers. Our platform is designed to protect and vet out all parties, and empower the once-naive and once-powerless collegiate athletes to market themselves effectively and become savvy entrepreneurs.

GoStart.Me’s main emphasis is to showcase and facilitate a business relationship for already-proven individuals, who are exemplary role models. Collegiate athletes are naturally marketable and possess the ability to influence and inspire. GoStart.Me is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform designed to elevate all collegiate athletes and SMB companies to the level of any top tier influencers and established competitors.

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