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How We Change the Game?

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

We bring forth attention and accountability to NCAA and those involved in the vast disparity of the distribution of funding generated by NCAA sports.

College athletes are now empowered to take control of their futures, become true entrepreneurs, and starters of their own brands.

“Collegiate athletes can also concentrate on their sports and their academics and not so much on financial burdens and outside (and hidden) employment.” Elevates Already-Proven Role Models

Based on research, college football playoffs is the 7th highest grossing sporting event in the U.S., grossing approximately $5.6 billion in revenue each year. In 2017, approximately 47 million fans throughout the country attended college football games. In that same year, approximately 23 million people watched the college basketball championship game on TV and the ‘March Madness’ basketball tournament raised about 8.8 billion dollars in revenue. In 2019, the NCAA generated approximately 800 millions dollars in revenue from television and marketing rights fees. Simply put, there is a lot of money being generated in college sports.

The engine that drives the NCAA sports industry are the collegiate athletes, and yet, they are unable to capitalize on the 14 billion dollar purse that is generated annually by NCAA. Collegiate athletes are left to fend for themselves, with a full athletic scholarship, at best.

Starting in 2023, or possibly even sooner, college athletes will be able to monetize their names, images, and likenesses. This changes everything we know about college sports. Based on above numbers, all (approximately 500,000) collegiate athletes will significantly matter and will be significantly resourceful to the ever-growing influencer marketing. The viewership and the popularity of college sports and the ever-rotating faces of marketable athletes will be at the hands of every brand and e-commerce retailer of every size.

GoStart.Me’s main emphasis is to showcase and facilitate a business relationship for already-proven individuals, who are exemplary role models. Collegiate athletes are naturally marketable and possess the ability to influence and inspire. GoStart.Me is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) platform designed to elevate all collegiate athletes and SMB companies to the level of any top tier influencers and established competitors.

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